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Recently, a new generation of domestic 122-mm car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car


Traditional tractor-propelled artillery has drastically reduced its ability to survive in modern battlefields, while crawler self-propelled artillery is very expensive. According to this development trend, the relevant units in China have also developed 09-type 122-mm vehicle-mounted howitzers. It is the home-made 122-mm howitzer installed on top of the SX2150 cross-country truck, equipped to the synthetic brigade artillery barracks, is the main synthetic brigade battlefield support fire.


From the practical experience, the 09 type 122-mm vehicle-borne howitzer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and low cost, and the artillery and chassis are the model of the army's large equipment, and the logistic support is also very convenient. In the Chinese and foreign joint performance, the 09 model car carrying howitzers play well. The 09-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-can-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car-car


However, the 09-car-mounted howitzer is after all the first generation of domestic vehicle-mounted artillery, many designs have yet to be improved. For example, it simply mounts the gun on the car, without considering the combination of the gun and the chassis as a whole, and the artillery firing has a great influence on the chassis and reduces the shooting accuracy. There are also artillery information, automation also need to be further strengthened. The SX2150 SUV as a domestic generation of classic models also to the time of success, in this case, the relevant units developed a new generation of 122-mm car-borne howitzers to replace the 09 car-borne howitzers.


According to the relevant pictures, it can be seen that the new generation of domestic 122-mm vehicle-borne howitzers retain the 96-type 122-mm howitzer firepower system, in terms of tactical and technical indicators, the 96-type 122-mm howitzer can still meet the requirements of use, no need to upgrade for the time being. It certainly increases the ability to shoot precision-guided projectiles, such as home-made laser-guided projectiles, satellite-guided projectiles, end-sensitive projectiles, and so on, to improve the precision strike capability of the artillery. Although the firepower system of the new 122-mm car-mounted artillery was not updated, the chassis was upgraded, using a new generation 4*4 drive lightweight chassis, compared to the 6*6 drive SX2150 SUV, the new chassis was smaller in size, lighter in weight, more suitable for remote delivery, and better in battle\/strategic maneuverability. The 122-mm vehicle-mounted howitzers are mainly equipped with Army light synthetic brigades to carry out mobile combat missions, with enhanced operational\/strategic maneuverability requirements.


Another notable change in the new generation of 122-mm vehicle-borne howitzers is the increase in artillery firing range. The gun can also be fired when it is forward, for which the gun may have adopted a hydraulic suspension automatic lifting system, and the 09-car-mounted howitzer does not have this design, only the range of backward design firing is limited, and the flexibility is poor. A new generation of vehicle-borne howitzers also appear to have designed semi-automatic projectile delivery equipment, which can be filled at any angle to increase artillery firing speed. Digitization and informationization are the most shiny features of the new generation of domestic artillery, and the new generation of vehicle-mounted 122-mm howitzer is no exception. It should adopt the inertial navigation system, satellite navigation and positioning receiver, and digital information terminal as well as the domestic 155-mm vehicle-mounted howitzer. The system can automatically locate and orient, receive the target information sent by the superior and friendly neighbors through the data chain, solve the fire control automatically, operate the gun automatically, the fire response time is greatly enhanced, the joint combat ability is improved, and the first group coverage and multiple simultaneous landing ability are available.


On the whole, a new generation of domestic 122-mm howitzers should adopt domestic 155-mm vehicle-borne howitzer technology, the overall tactical technical index is better than the 09 vehicle-borne howitzer, it is expected to replace the latter as the army light synthetic brigade main combat equipment.